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Gift certificate for Spanish classes

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Gift Certificates for Spanish Classes

Surprise someone special with their choice of Spanish Classes. Our gift certificates are the perfect gift for your husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, partner, nieces, nephews, sons, daughters, and friends. You can now purchase a gift certificate so that a loved one can use it to fund any class format that she or he wants.

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You can purchase...

  • a Platinum Gift Certificate of $1,000 (this amount will most probably cover 1 level of private instruction either online or, when available, at a coffee shop, bookstore, library, or at the tutor's home).
  • a Gold Gift Certificate of $500 (this amount will most probably be enough to cover any semi-private group class for 1 level), or
  • a 55-minute One-on-One Sample Session of $49 (allow a loved one to get the taste of a Spanish class)

Platinum Gift Certificate


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Gold Gift Certificate


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Sample Session Gift Certificate


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  1. We will then send you an automatic receipt by email shortly after.

  2. We will send your gift certificate as a full color PDF attachment via email within 2 business days after your tuition is received.

Your loved one would then need to submit an application sometime after he is passed the certificate along so he can be formally accepted to our program, placed at an appropriate level, and suggested a schedule that considers his preferences and our availability. He/she will then have up to 1 year to start his/her classes.

You could even request to be refunded for any partial balance left, or he/she could use it to fund part of any other class, all within the one year limit.

If we cannot match him with a class or schedule that works for him, you will be entitled to receiving a full refund within the 1-year limit. In this worst case scenario, you could use these funds to reward him instead with any other thing or service he values.  



Frequently Asked Questions

If the price of the class is higher than the value of the gift certificate, either you or your loved one would need to submit the difference to fund the classes.

You can request to be refunded for any partial balance left, or he/she could use it to fund part of any other class, all within the one year limit.

If interested in purchasing one of these certificates, please choose amount and pay for your gift certificate by clicking on the corresponding option above.

We will then send your gift certificate via email to you and/or to your loved one as a full-color PDF attachment that you can later resend or print.

If unused, these certificates do not expire. Once converted to classes though, student will have an allocated number of weeks to complete his classes or lose them.

No fee will ever be deducted from your gift certificate.

These certificates will never be redeemable for cash. Only you will have the chance to be:

  • fully refunded in none of the balance was applied to covering the cost of classes, or

  • partially refunded if there is a balance not applied to covering the cost of classes.

If not sure about buying a gift certificate or if our gift certificates are out of reach at this time, other gift ideas that you can consider are as follows:


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Gift certificate recipients need to apply to our program after receiving a gift certificate. This is required so that we can understand what her preferences are regarding days and times to meet. On their application they can mention that they have a gift certificate in their possession. Once we receive the recipientΒ΄s application we will send her an acceptance and payment instructions. No payment will be required if the amount of gift certificate exceeds the cost of their desired classes. Once the recipient receives her acceptance email, she can just confirm that our schedule proposal works via email and we will then send her an enrollment confirmation email.

Recipients may apply to our program here .

Most small group classes cost below $500 per 16-hour term, and most one-on-one classes cost a little bit above $1,000 per term. If you got for example a $500 gift certificate, you may enroll in a small group class or purchase about half of a term of one-on-one classes.


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