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Diccionario de Terminos de Marketing Publicidad y Medios de Comunicacion Ingles Espanol y Espanol Ingles: Dictionary of Marketing Publicity and Communication, English to Spanish and Spanish to English
by Alcaraz, Hughes


by Charles Lamb, Joseph F. Hair, Carl McDaniel

This comprehensive marketing book is organized around the marketing mix. It is lively, interesting, and filled with current examples. The latest concepts and theories are covered in a practical and contemporary manner. Popular themes include coverage of Internet marketing, marketing plans, customer value, small business, global and multicultural marketing, ethics, and careers in marketing. As today's marketers face a marketplace that is becoming simultaneously more competitive, specialized, global and internet-reliant, they must continually develop new strategies and enhance old skills with a balance of creativity and knowledge. Marketing, 4e is a necessity for all successful marketers!


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