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Spanish-English Dictionary of Law and Business
by Thomas L. West, Tomas L. West, III

This new dictionary provides a ready reference to essential terms and phrases used in all areas of law and business, including accounting, banking, civil law, civil procedure, contracts, corporate law, criminal law, criminal procedure, economics, intellectual property, labor law, real property, secured transactions, securities law, and torts. Written by an American attorney who is also an accredited translator, it provides complete coverage of terminology used in all Spanish-speaking countries, not just those countries where the other bilingual dictionaries on the market were written (i.e., Spain and Argentina). Accordingly, it is the only source for translations of terms that are unique to countries such as Colombia, Peru and Venezuela. The dictionary was thoroughly researched using original documents and monolingual dictionaries from the Spanish-speaking various countries and is thus authoritative and up-to-date. No lawyer or translator who works with Spanish legal and business documents can afford to be without it.

Quick Spanish for Law Enforcement: Essential Words and Phrases for Police Officers and Law Enforcement Professionals
by Dees David

The most accessible Spanish language guide for police officers and law enforcement officials

Quick Spanish for Law Enforcement makes it easier than ever for you to acquire basic Spanish language skills. The book features more than 2,000 key words and phrases in the most easy-to-use format, along with bilingual scenarios based on situations commonly encountered during the course of your duties.


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