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Please read this policies section carefully. Knowing these policies well will ensure that your Spanish tutoring sessions provide you the best results hassle-free.

rules of engagement

  1. notify with a 24-hour notice if you cannot make it for a private session
  2. have all your sessions within your pre-paid term
  3. show up on time
  4. pick up your child on time
  5. attend regularly
  6. submit your renewal payment 5 business days prior to finishing current term
  7. if it snows or there is a storm check if class will take place
  8. enjoy holiday breaks unless you all agree on having sessions
  9. allow 10 business days to receive refund

extras to be aware of

notify with a 24-hour notice if you cannot make it for a private session

  • Missed Tailored One-on-One Sessions can be made up ONLY if absence is notified 24 hours before day the session was scheduled to take place.
  • Missed Self-Assembled Conversational Spanish tutoring sessions can be made up ONLY if absence is notified by all members of the group 24 hours before day session was scheduled to take place. Unfortunately, make up sessions when a sub-set of a private self-assembled group misses its sessions will NOT be granted at any time.
  • Request a change of schedule if needed.

have all your sessions within your pre-paid term

  • Classes do expire. Regular or made up sessions need to take place within your pre-paid term.
  • Sessions not used within your pre-paid term will inevitably be lost. Pre-paid terms, though, may be extended if we cannot meet due to inclement weather or holidays.
  • If you travel constantly or you have a variable schedule, plan ahead to meet more times in weeks when you know you will be in town.
  • If your circumstances change, consider requesting a free change of schedule (subject to availability) or putting your sessions on hold for a definite period of time. If placing your sessions on hold, you may need to resume your sessions at a different time slot.

show up on time

  • Don't be late. Sessions need to finish by the designated time.
  • If your circumstances change and the time slot you started your sessions with doesn't fit your new schedule, don't worry: talk to your tutor about switching to another time slot at no extra cost, but subject to availability.

pick up your child on time

  • If meeting at a public place, or at one of our tutors' home, please be aware that child must be picked up on time. No child will be released from the tutor's care at the end of the sessions to any other person that the designated responsible adult as detailed during enrollment. If the designated responsible adult has not picked up the child(s), a fee of $15 for each 15-minute delay will be charged. If sessions take place at your home, please be sure that you or the designated responsible adult is present when session finishes. Once session finishes, tutor will need to leave your home right away whether you are present or not.

attend regularly

Time slots are assigned to you only for the time range you explicitly registered for. In order to keep your currently assigned time slot after your current pre-paid term expires, you can do one of the following:

  • Authorize us to charge your credit card 5 days prior to the end of each term on the amount corresponding to the incoming new term (for a pre-agreed number of terms). This convenient option requires enrollment in recurrent payments.
  • Pre-pay the term(s) that follow so that you reserve your time slots over time.
  • Wait until the end of your pre-paid term. If your slot has not yet been taken you would be able to keep it. If the time slot has been taken, you would need to choose a different schedule.

submit your renewal payment 5 business days prior to finishing current term

  • submit your renewal payment 5 business days prior to finishing current term and get discounts, keep your time slot
  • To explore all possible renewal discounts for prompt payers, please click here.
  • Everyone experiences short term financial difficulty at times. Please notify us immediately if you are interested in holding on to your time slot so that we can arrange a payment plan.

if it snows or there is a storm check if class will take place

Unfortunately, we are not able to issue refunds for classes which have been postponed due to inclement weather. We will make every effort to reschedule sessions as quickly as possible.

Enjoy holiday breaks unless you all agree on having sessions

Sessions may not be held during public holidays. If this is the case, your pre-paid term would be extended accordingly. Sessions will take place during public holidays if both student(s) and teacher agree on having the session.

allow 10 business days to receive refund

  • Refunds will be issued within 10 business days of being requested.
  • If after submitting your payment you decide not to begin your sessions, fees paid for the first session will not be refundable unless you notify us of your decision at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled start date.
  • If you begin your classes and you decide that you will not continue your sessions, fee will be fully refundable ONLY if you drop the program no later than 48 hours after having had your first session.
  • In the unlikely event the SPANISH black belt cancels a session, of course fee for this session will be refunded.
  • If unable to continue attending One-on-One Instruction or group sessions self-assembled by you, a partial refund will be given to you for the fraction of the amount paid that corresponds to the number of hours you have not yet used provided that your pre-paid term has not expired. You will be charged a $49 cancellation fee if dropping out of the course after having attended 3 or more sessions.

don't make side deals

  • Spanish Black Belt invests considerable resources recruiting and training tutors, monitoring quality and remunerating tutors with a competitive salary and benefits. To protect this investment, students, and/or relatives or friends of students are not allowed to make side deals with tutor in which Spanish Black Belt is not involved, during the pre-pay term and for a period of three (3) years immediately following termination of last pre-paid term.
  • If a side deal is discovered, you agree to forfeit all remaining hours and pay the service $1,000 for liquidative damages per infraction and all legal fees incurred to collect the fines.
  • You also acknowledge that this infraction will cause the tutor to lose his/her job, and pay a $2,000 (two-thousand dollars) fine and all legal fees incurred to collect the fines.

adopt new tutor if a replacement needs to be made

We will make a genuine effort to assign you the same tutor for as long as your pre-paid term lasts. Despite this, we reserve the right to assign you a new tutor when needed. Just like us, tutors get sick, need to travel or move on to new projects. In the eventuality that we do need to exercise this right, don't worry, as your new tutor will have gone through the same rigorous selection and training process your prior tutor had, and you will continue enjoying your Spanish instruction.

be aware that hour is 55-minute long

This is necessary to:

  • Allow tutors review your information and progress for 5 minutes before your session starts.
  • Allow you and your tutor to take a small 5-minute break in between hours. Sessions are intense so please believe this is necessary to keep attention span and to maximize your learning.

we cannot ensure that you will get a job or pass an exam

Although many SPANISH black belt students have been very successful in our program, we cannot guarantee that ALL students will achieve positive results. Spanish Black Belt will do its best to improve your level of Spanish knowledge but cannot guarantee that your Spanish will allow you to get a job interview, pass a test, be accepted for a job opening or achieve any other personal or professional goals.


You are welcome to stay during all/some of our Spanish tutoring sessions with your children. For your peace of mind, you may be pleased to know that all of our Spanish tutors are background checked before they start tutoring children. Having stated that, by enrolling, you agree to hold Spanish Black Belt and any tutors or employees free and harmless of any liability for any/all claims arising out of the Spanish tutoring sessions. By enrolling you also accept full responsibility for the cost of treatment for any injury that, although unlikely, may be suffered by your child while attending his/her Spanish tutoring sessions and renounce your right to sue Spanish Black Belt, its employees and tutors for any of these injuries.


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