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General Characteristics
for One-on-One Spanish Classes
for kids 6 years and older in metro Washington DC, Boston MA, Baltimore MD, Northern Virginia VA, New York NY, New Jersey NJ, and Denver CO.

Ideal for kids who need to make fast improvements

Customized individual instruction is the most efficient way to learn Spanish. Meeting individually with her tutor means that every session is completely focused on her personal goals or academic needs. Your kid's native Spanish speaking tutor -who becomes from day one her personal trainer and learning facilitator - creates a fun, flexible, and engaging environment of constant stimulation that empowers your kid to reach her communications goals faster than any other method.

We adapt to the learning style which works best for your son or daughter

Whether you want us to provide your son or daughter with a comprehensive teaching experience from ground up or whether you want us to provide her support for classes she is taking somewhere else, our Tailored On-on-One Spanish classes will have you fully satisfied. We do not apply exclusively one method. We master many different methods so we apply with her the one we believe will maximize results. We believe that every kid is different and as such each one deserves to learn with the methods and material that makes most sense to them depending on their experience, age, interests and learning styles.

You choose your kid's schedule

  • choose the most convenient times and days to meet (subject to availability)
  • your kid meets with his/her instructor the most convenient number of hours per week
  • reschedule sessions if missed (provided that you notify us of the need for a change with at least 24 hours in advance)
  • share the session with one other person you know if desired

Fair price

Our prices for Tailored One-on-One Spanish Classes for kids vary depending on:

  • the number of levels (or faction of a level) that you pre-pay.
  • the place where you have your sessions (your tutor's home or your home)

The more levels you pre-pay, the cheaper per hour it becomes. To check our prices please click here. Enroll risk free! You will get a full refund if not fully satisfied with your first session.

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