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Meeting Locations

Regional areas served

We currently conduct our Spanish classes in the following regional areas (in alphabetical order):

Key Benefit SpanishBlackBelt Atlanta

Key Benefit SpanishBlackBelt Baltimore MD

Key Benefit SpanishBlackBelt Boston MA

Key Benefit SpanishBlackBelt Chicago

Key Benefit SpanishBlackBelt Denver

Key Benefit SpanishBlackBelt Los Angeles

Key Benefit SpanishBlackBelt Maryland

Key Benefit SpanishBlackBelt New York City and Brooklyn

Key Benefit SpanishBlackBelt North Jersey

Key Benefit SpanishBlackBelt Northern Virginia

Key Benefit SpanishBlackBelt San Francisco Bay Area

Key Benefit SpanishBlackBelt Seattle

Key Benefit SpanishBlackBelt Washington DC

In addition, we offer Spanish classes over Skype or Facetime to adults and teens all across the United States in a one-on-one setting. Read more.

Type of meeting locations

Our Spanish Classes can take place at convenient locations such as:

Almost all of the cafes and Spanish tutor homes are easily accessible through the Metro/Subway transportation system (if available).

* Sessions assembled by Spanish Blackbelt only take place at centric cafes and tutors' homes. Private one-on-one sessions or self-assembled group sessions can also take place at your home or office.

Frequently Asked Questions

More Frequently Asked Questions

Classes at Coffee Shops
Spanish Class at a café

Cafes offer you a relaxed environment much different that what you may encounter in a classroom setting. Don’t study in a vacuum. Choose an environment that best replicates where you will be using Spanish in real life. Enjoy a coffee or tea and have a snack while communicating in Spanish and discussing current events, the business climate, art, you name it.


Classes at your tutor's homes
Spanish Class at your Spanish tutor's home

Spanish tutors' homes offer you a cozy environment that allows you to live the real Spanish immersion experience in your own town.



Classes at you home
Spanish Class at your home

Meeting with your Spanish tutor at your home offers you the maximum level of convenience for you. It also allows you to stay close to those you love while learning Spanish.



Classes at your office
Spanish Class at your office

Meeting with your Spanish tutor at your office allows you to minimize your commuting time and to stay close to your business at all times making sure you don't miss that important call or visit.


The Process to Request a Spanish Instructor

New Applicants

You submit an online "request a Spanish instructor" form in which you:

  1. Answer a few questions about your current Spanish language skills
  2. Indicate us your preferences in regards to when to start and ideal location, time and days to meet

We answer you by email within 5 business days stating:

  1. Your schedule options and
  2. Proposed starting date

Current and former students and former applicants

If you are a current or former student of ours or if you have applied for one of our sessions in the past, you do not need to fill any form. Just email us indicating what is your particular interest at this time and when and where you would like to have new classes.





Subject to current availability, this are the neighborhoods where we can conduct our Spanish classes:
(in alphabetical order)

AtlantaBaltimore MDBoston MAChicagoDenverFaceTimeLos AngelesMarylandNew York CityNorth JerseyNorthern VirginiaSan Francisco Bay Area
    SeattleSkypeWashington DC
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