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General Characteristics for
Self-assembled Small Group Tutoring Sessions for kids 6 years and older in Boston MA, Washington DC, Maryland, Baltimore MD, Northern Virginia VA, New York NY, New Jersey NJ and Denver CO.

Assembled by you

You put together a group of up to 4 kids (including your son or daughter) and apply as a group. The more kids you gather, the cheaper it becomes for each of you.

Groups are very small in size

Conversation Spanish Small Group Tutoring Sessions in Boston MA, NYC, NJ, Denver CO, DC, VA and MD currently have an amazingly small size of two to four students, a size that fosters your kid's learning and promotes personal interaction. Sharing classes with a small group of other highly motivated students is a great way for your son or daughter to expand his knowledge of Spanish and circle of friends.

All group members need to share the same Spanish level

Practicing in a group matched by ability has several distinct advantages. Group sessions can be comforting and inspirational because your kid sees other students working through the same language challenges he is tackling. It also helps everyone to learn from each other’s mistakes.

From 2 hours per week to 8 hours per week

In order to cover the material required to move forward to the next belt level (i.e. white belt to yellow belt) your children will need to accumulate 16 hours. How fast you want them to gather those 16 hours will determine how many hours per week you end up registering for.

Make up sessions allowed

You will have the option to schedule make up sessions if you are to miss sessions as long as you notify us 24 hours in advance and all the children of your group agree on a make up date before your pre-paid term ends.

You and your friends share the cost

Conversational Spanish Small Group Tutoring Sessions in Boston MA, DC, VA, MD, NYC, NJ and CO are custom-designed to quickly lead your son or daughter to Spanish proficiency while sharing the fun - and the cost - with few other kidagers. You pay less than half of the price of Tailored One-on-One Spanish Sessions, but your kid still benefits from a closely focused learning experience. To check our prices please click here.


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