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Standardized Spanish Test Preparation over Skype

We can tailor your Spanish Classes over Skype to successfully prepare you for any particular language proficiency exams you may need to take such as:

Key Benefit SpanishBlackBelt Defense Language Proficiency Test in Spanish

Key Benefit SpanishBlackBelt United Nations Spanish Language Proficiency

Key Benefit SpanishBlackBelt Praxis II (PPST) Spanish Exam for teachers

Key Benefit SpanishBlackBelt DELE (Spanish Diploma as a Foreign Language)

Key Benefit SpanishBlackBelt ACTFL (Teacher licensure)

Key Benefit SpanishBlackBelt AP* Spanish Exam (3rd-year college Spanish)

Key Benefit SpanishBlackBelt CLEP* Spanish Exam (2nd-year college Spanish)

Key Benefit SpanishBlackBelt SAT* II: Spanish Exam (4th-year high school Spanish)

Key Benefit SpanishBlackBelt Exemption exams

Key Benefit SpanishBlackBelt Oral proficiency

Key Benefit SpanishBlackBelt Graduation Spanish exams


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We will help you increase your chances of getting a higher score on your Spanish test by:

  • familiarizing you to the topics most likely to be tested
  • having a complete Spanish grammar and vocabulary review
  • exposing you with many simulated Spanish tests and exercises
  • providing you with the clear explanations to every question and possible answer
  • providing you with tips and strategies for test taking.


No matter what Spanish exam is it that you need to prepare for, we can help. We have the resources, materials, Spanish instructors and experience to help you excel. We can help you improve your Spanish skills in reading and listening comprehension, grammar and vocabulary, and writing and speaking.



Please choose the class format that adapts best to your specific needs:

ONE-ON-ONE Spanish Classes
Ideal for students that
have unique learning needs
  • Tuition per hour is:
Weekdays $59
Weeknights and/or Weekends $63
  • You could share this cost with up to one other person that you know such as a friend or relative converting it into a Two-to-One class, provided that both are on the same level.
  • Requires upfront purchase of 1 full level (a total of 16 hours). Significant volume discounts available if registering for more than one level upfront.
Self-Assembled SMALL Group
Ideal for friends and/or
family members
  • You assemble a private group of 2 to 4 students of the same level
  • Tuition per student per hour is:
# of Students in Group $ per Student per Hour
4 $17 to $23
3 $21 to $28
2 $30 to $39
  • Requires upfront purchase of 1 full level (a total of 16 hours). Significant volume discounts available if registering for more than one level upfront.


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*Spanish Black Belt is not affiliated with the US Department of Defense, the Educational Testing Services or the Instituto Cervantes which do not endorse this Spanish test preparation course.

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