Out of abundance of caution in the context of the currently still low national rate of Covid vaccinations, we are still conducting live online all of our Spanish classes regularly scheduled to meet in person. You can learn more about our Spanish classes live online here.

If you are not willing to have these classes online for the time being, please DO NOT apply.

We do not expect to conduct classes in person until 2022 at the earliest as we look to safely address the current shortage of tutors, the social distance requirements, and the maximum capacity limits of meeting venues.

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Nicolás Canales Peru
Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Nicolas Canales is the founder and head of SpanishBlackbelt language tutoring services. He is currently based in Washington DC. Nicolas holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration from Vanderbilt University and a BA in Accounting summa cum laude from Universidad del Pacifico, a top economic sciences Jesuit school in Peru.

Mr. Canales, a native Spanish speaker from Peru, acquired a strong passion for tutoring since his early days in High School. Back then he tutored several subjects to other students his age while still managing to find time to achieve the highest GPA in his elite high school's history.

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