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Learn Spanish Live over Google Hangouts Meet

Spanish Over Google Hangouts Meet

Our Spanish classes conducted live over Google Hangouts Meet allow us to make our unique language training and proprietary teaching methodology available to those students who, for a variety of reasons, cannot physically attend classes.

Those students who personally enjoy using the G Suite from Google are now able to attend live Spanish classes over Google Hangouts Meet wherever they are, and whenever the classes fit their busy schedules.

Classes are not prerecorded. You and your tutor will meet live at the pre-agreed times and days.

Our Spanish classes conducted live over Google Hangouts Meet are particularly valuable to students who already enjoy using all of the different functionality that Google Hangouts Meet provides such as texting each other while talking, when for example a word is new or is not being understood, or even sharing their screens with their tutor, or seeing the shared screen of their tutor so that, for example, they can make sure they are at the right section of their shared learning materials.

We conduct both private one-on-one Spanish classes and Private small group Spanish classes through the Google Hangouts Meet platform.


Please choose the class format that adapts best to your specific needs

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Your assigned native Spanish tutor will send you a hyperlink ahead of time. You can then just click on the link at a designated time that will be pre-arranged and start your live and interactive session.

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  • Both you and your tutor will see, speak, listen and write to each other in real time.

  • Each of your Spanish classes can be recorded by your teacher (if you agree) and shared with you upon request so that you can watch it again as many times as you want.

  • Besides using the materials that we have put together in our online student center to complement your classes, you will be able to easily share your screen and show any additional images such as those you can find in your preferred search engine, or even your homework. If you did your homework by hand, it is as easy as taking a picture of it and showing it through your shared screen, or just showing your homework through your embeded camera.

You can learn how to use Google Hangouts Meet by watching these videos:

... or by reading about how to join a meeting

  • You can connect to Google Hangouts Meet from your smartphone or any other device such as a computer, laptop or tablet.

  • A benefit of connecting from your phone is that you can switch between WIFI and broadband access to find the best possible connection wherever you are.

  • Before using Google Hangouts Meet, you will need to make sure that you have downloaded the Google Hangouts Meet app to your device.
  1. To download this versatile communication software, if you have not done so already, click here.

  2. After you download Meet, you may choose to create a user if you do not have one already, although there is no need to have one. You can just click on the link that your tutor will be sharing with you to join the class at the pre-agreed time and day.
The quality of a video conference call through Google Hangouts Meet is great.

Most problems are easily fixed by:

  • Closing all windows on your device that you are not currently using

  • Moving your device to an area in your home or office where you have good signal
There won't be any extra charges for live classes over Meet. All costs of using the platform are paid by our school. :) However, if you are using your phone and your cellular plan has a limits in its broadband use, either monitor your limits or make sure to switch to WIFI when using the application.
No problem. You can instead use any of the other online platforms that we also use, such as:


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